We are socratic wellness coaches—allowing our clients to permanently alter their behaviors and truly understand the “why” behind health. Every client has unique needs and our approach to setting intentions for physical, emotional and spiritual goals recognizes the need for a couture lifestyle design. During your wellness training with CANIS, you will become the foremost expert on your own mental and physical health. Welcome to The CANIS Shift; a balanced approach to happiness and longevity.

CANIS Train: Somatic Fitness

Time Commitment: Minimum 3 months

This program is designed for people with the desire to jumpstart their fitness journey and establish healthy workout habits, correct exercise alignment for injury prevention, sustained weight loss and muscle strengthening. This is for someone ready to commit to working out 2-3 times a week to lay foundations for a long lasting fitness routine.

  • 10 training sessions a month

Expected Results: Lower body fat, increased muscle tone, elevated and balanced energy and general overall wellness.

Price: E-mail Camille@caniswithcamille.com

DC only Location: The Line Hotel, personal apartment or home gyms (prices vary depending on location).

CANIS Nutrition: Wellness Coaching

Time Commitment: Minimum 6 months*

This wholistic approach to self care involves a complete review and redesign of one’s diet and daily care routine. The commitment to sustainable practices transforms the perspective of clients such that a healthy way of living becomes the desired plan versus a diet or regime that feels imposed.

We shift the foods you eat by introducing bite-size iterative changes until what you want in your life is the same thing as what makes you feel good—a healthy lifestyle no longer feels like it deprives you of what you want. When you’re ready to feel good and make the commitment necessary, The CANIS Shift will positively and permanently affect the way you live and the chemistry of your body and mind.

  • 90 minute initial consultation (health history)

  • Weekly nutrition check-ins (30 minutes)

  • Unlimited e-mail communication

  • Easily implementable dietary changes

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Stress reduction technique overview

  • Hacking your nutrition for a busy lifestyle

*This time frame ensures that we have adequate time to introduce the lifestyle necessary to heal one's body and set life long wellness habits in place. 

Expected Results: Elevation of your health. Includes: sustained energy, clear skin, less bloat, increased focus, happiness and longevity.

Price: Please e-mail camille@caniswithcamille.com.

CANIS Corporate: Making the workplace a healthy place.

CANIS brings the world of consciousness to work culture . We increase the productivity of employees and teams by removing mental roadblocks to success and by supercharging individuals and teams. The integration of personal and professional care has been overlooked by corporations and now, with overwhelming proof, care for employees can no longer be ignored. It’s not enough to provide traditional health care and benefits. To compete in today’s business world teams must be emotionally, mentally and physically fit. We help companies provide their employees with easily implementable lifestyle modifications.

  • Nutrition Consulting: Easily implementable diet modifications to ensure optimal health

  • Meal Delivery options

  • Office Meditation and Initiatives

  • Wellness challenges

  • Brain Bar: Elevating mental alertness in the workplace

CANIS transforms the internal world of their corporate clients, in return creating a culture of living and being well within a business.

Expected Results: Improved focus + efficiency, sustained energy + creativity, increased employee happiness and enhancement in workplace.

Price: Please e-mail camille@caniswithcamille.com

Please see below for companies we currently work with.