Strength, power, speed, hypertrophy, flexibility, and cardio, OH MY! Where does one start when it comes to getting fit? It all depends on your GOALS. I am all about working out smarter, not necessarily harder. Whether you want to build muscle, get lean, or just feel more comfortable naked I can develop a program that is tailored to your ideal body and the results you’re looking to achieve. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate, but don’t know the first thing about quieting your mind? Maybe your blood pressure is high and you don’t know the first thing about relaxing. Are you sick of the constant anxiety? Whether you want to learn yoga or how to meditate to make you or your business operate with less stress, I have a toolbox of techniques that will ease your worries and strengthen your intuition. 

Is your skin breaking out? Do you feel tired after meals? Spent the summer having one too many drinks? Are you sick of saying you’ll clean your diet up tomorrow? I was too. We all know vegetables are good for us and green smoothies are all the rage, but what works for some people is not what always works for you. We are all uniquely designed based on our genetics, gut health and environment. I design meal plans fit for your body and goals.  

My meal plans are tailored for you and can accommodate a spectrum of diets. Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, sugar free, whatever your dietary preference may be my back round in culinary nutrition has me well equipped to make you feel satisfied with whatever restrictions you may have. 

Are you employees loosing focus, not working as efficiently as you expect? Are you looking to improve your corporate wellness structure? Did you know happy people are more productive? Let me help you out. Bring me in as your lifestyle enhancer and I can ensure you that your revenues will thank me. I offer personal training sessions in your office gym, meditation classes, as well as easy nutrition improvements for your office kitchen. Together we can ensure your employees are fueled properly to perform at their highest caliber. 

I work with clients over Skype to develop programs. I can work with you regardless of where you live.