Head & Hearts Aligned in Time

Image-1 (2).png

Nearly a year later and the feelings still flicker 

At times they wane

At moments they wander

But it’s mostly you I ponder.

I wonder what it would feel like to know you were mine.

To hang around your family

And wake up next you on a Monday morning,

Watch you get ready for work;

While I sit writing,

About that time I tried to convince you over a beer that it was just fear

{Before I knew better to convince a man of my magic}

I reminded you that dating was not marriage 

And if you could just indulge me for a moment

we would fall into a heap,

Of love,

And lust 

For fun, a test run of what could be.

The feelings you evoke are dangerous so you will remain nameless.

Our union, 

a touch and go of things I wish I did and didn’t say 

But my heart, it holds a special  place, a back shelf, for your sentiments.

I know, 

you won’t always sit in a shed at the back of my head.

One day, 

in my bed, a duo

2 hearts heaped together. 

Our heads and hearts finally aligned 

The date it to be determined, 

but its fate,

it’s not too late, 

To let me write a story worth committing for.