F*ck Odds

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I met Ramona almost a year ago and was assigned to be her mentee.

I wanted more in life.

I thought I would “give back.”


Little did I know.

Becoming a mentor has taught me so much about perspective.

So much about gratitude.

So much about life.

A mentee/mentor relationship is one of

Learning, understanding and compassion.

Aka I’m educated, I gather and I gain knowledge I would never have without sitting down and talking with Ramona. 

We don’t come from similar backgrounds, but we connect.

We love, we laugh and we hold each other to a higher standard.

I was instructed to help her get on her feet after a tough time.

She lifts me, each and every day with her positivity, love and zest for life.

The odds are against her, but that the things with odds, they don’t matter when you see beyond them. 

Fuck odds.

And embrace uncertainty.

She trusts 100% that she is exactly where she needs to be at all times. 

That is presence.

And I’m proud to know her. 

We make a good team.

Being a mentor has been the best decision I’ve ever made—cheers to building brighter futures with connection, stories and a smile.

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