I want the real you; Unfiltered.

I can feel your skin slithering beneath your shirt.

Your discomfort is concerning 

And the verbiage is the opposite of alluring 

I spot you in the distance and realize it's a mistake 

You shorter than I imagined.

I take note to forgive myself later

For swift judgement of my hater

The defenses I put up to protect my hearts disrupt.

Who am I to X-ray your being from your skin layer?

Because I'm programmed 

Alexa, que death cab, I'm going to need to cry after this. 

But my initial gut is usually right

Cause I read souls

I see all the holes

The conversation lacks 

Any sort of tact

Nothing is pre-thought

Feels store bought.

Pre-packaged love, it's the new age way to do it 

Swipe, bang, gone 

It all feels so wrong 

But it's somebodies right 

Cause they don't have time to fight 

For the real thing 

The damn you make my heart ring 

Are you the lazy kind of lover?

The guy who puts himself above her

This girl ain't got time for maybes

I don't want millennial rabies

The rampant disease of entitlement

Lack of love syndrome because you can't think over your phone. 

How can you feel when you hide your Achilles heel?

From the world. Vulnerability can right and unite us.

Brooding behind the closed doors of our minds will not be kind.

To ourselfie

The image reflected or the alt fact of what you want people to see.

Don't abide to what society tells us is ok.

Not expressing.

Holding back

Fitting a mold.

So you can grow old and die a filtered illusion. 

Because the truth is wildly unpopular. 

No it doesn't take Doplar

To predict the weather in your heart.

It takes a start.

The intention.

Let's take down the facade and stop running from our god. 

Not the god of our grandmothers, but the internal compass of our guts. 

We know what's right, lets continue the fight. Of love. Within and without. 

Don't doubt. 

How do you preach love when you don't pause before you swipe right. 

How do you preach acceptance when you don't accept yourself. 

Enough with the instant.

We need to unravel the dopamine center to taper down the drama drip we need to feel anything at all. 

Chasing the highs fuels the fear of not having it all. 

Let's not feed fear: let's get clear.

I want the real you, unfiltered

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