Stay Sober They Said.


Stay sober they said; enlightenment will follow

But first you must feel hollow

An entity of resentment To this universe they talk of

Who is the ruler?

You are.

Your intentions. Your actions. Your reactions.

 But why are you good some days and make me hurt so deeply others?

The path is jagged and rocky, some days I spill; fuck everyday I spill.

But I won't take the pill.

Deception to thyself is not worth inception. 

I promise.

I won't choose the path of least resistance.

Cause something tells me the steepest hills have the prettiest views

But it's a nothing in particular kind of feeling

Cause sometimes the mind just is

A mind that will fuck you if you let it

My mind is a fuck boy

And I'm a fuck girl for listening to it

For believing myself for a second that I wasn't enough

But I am

And so are you.

Filter the crazy 

The pondering that makes you hazy

Get it out.

Paint it off.

Script is away.

Bake it into a pie.

Write the letter you never send 

I promise it will mend

{The hurt, the guilt, the anger you carry so deeply

doesn't have to deplete you}

Let it go, just let it flow.

Out. Off. Away.....

Finally my feelings at bay.

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