She's cool, but weird.


I smiled and thought "I'm not for you and you're not for me." We "cheers"ed and sipped our tea. 

A peaceful protest of my heart and my mind. 

Walk away now before words get unkind.

No need for fighting in a formal manner.

Let's leave shit unsaid, my mind unfed.

A silent suffering because it's left unknown.

And I'll never know your tone.

Or your ponderings, the mind wanderings, thoughts between your heart and your dick. 

I could have asked. 

But answers give relief and I'm in the business of grief.

(More suffering, more recovery, more self realization in dark moments.)

Yes, that is my lovers quarrel

Will you be my next referral?

She's cool, but weird.

Everything you desire but fear. 

It could end without the strife. 

With out digging into past lives.

But the drama it calls to you.

It whispers to you from your wine.

Say something stupid, petty bullshit about Cupid and how Valentine's Day isn't your thing......

You know the inevitable sting.

You wake up to the ring. 

Of words you should have said. 

About that other girl in your bed.

But you didn't and you won't drown in that mote.

This pretty princess will sit high in her castle.

It's safer here and there's cold beer. 

Beer you never would have bought cause you're cheap. 

So I won't be taking the leap, but at least I'll have cold beer.

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