My daddy didn't raise no fool.


Not cool, no chill. 

I won't swallow the pill. 

Of acceptance.

In society.

No eyes on me. 

To fit a mold.

I'm told

To be bold.

To be pretty. 

Miss little Diddy.

Well that's a pity.

My daddy didn't raise no fool.

It's going to take more than a rule

Perhaps a duel, 

more than a couple of souls 

To capture my heart 

Cause I ain't no tart

But I like cake, the occasional steak

The glucose feeds my cells so I can ring the bell, blow the whistle on the bad guys.

The elixir of life is my calling. 

To fuel the falling of the dark night. 

The divine light, that's my fight. 

For the good of man kind

For the underdogs and the tribes that had their vibes stripped...ripped and left non equipped to be fruitless and suitless of their defenses. 


Of their morals, leading to quarrels of right and wrong.

I'm here to set this straight

To perpetuate 


So shine bright, bring the light, fight the good fight, for love, inside and out. 

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