Accept it. Feel it. Fuck it. 


You may be a deep thinker. 

You may feel amongst the lonely ones. 

But you ponder in the dark.

My mind has scars, but to express soothes the protrusions. 

I'm not afraid to share the depths of my heart. 

I can only go as deep with you as I can with myself.

I won't wait for you to un jumble your words across the board.

Your rich vocabulary cannot win my heart.

For what will I take away?

The never ending game of prying the words from your mind.

Love does not keep you guessing.

Love is truth across the board.

Plain to see.

Easy to talk about.

No encryption, just clear depiction of my hearteries in yours.


People crave love; grappling to feed the addiction of filling.

Feeding into the lack within their hearts.

Filling voids with people they think will save their souls.

No one will save yourselfie.

Gift yourself heartbreak.

Accept it. Feel it. Fuck it. 

Get mad for giving your everything. 

For letting someone into the depths of your universe.

How dare you see my soul and leave.

You tricked me. I tricked me. 

Ripping the skin off of my vulnerability.

Plugging the feather out of my innocence. 

Turn my innocence into a quill.

My pen to write your name black; to right your wrongs. 

To release the torture of loosing my boundaries. 

But in time, the pain lessens, living with reckless abandonment looses its thrill. 

You are faced with continuing on your path or forever chasing your voids with drugs, alcohol, lovers and sinners. 

Demand more of yourself. 

Don't settle for disillusionment. 

They want us to stay small; the hungry thief is a powerful motherfucker. 

So fuck him back, stand into the storm.

Weather the dementors of other worlds.

And when you think the pain will kill you, pick yourself off the ground. 

Look and the mirror, smile at your reflection and thank yourself for never giving up.

Give it time, keep on the path.

The universe has your back. 

I promise you. 

The universe has your back. 

And you may continue to get fucked until you listen to the lessons ruling in your face. 

Sometimes it takes headache after heartbreak over and over again to wake up & create the change that propels you above the line. 

And damn, it feels good to flutter up high.