The Other Side of Broken


No beauty will ever bring you back 

Because your falling to the wayside 

Was apart of the puzzle

For me

& you. 

I no longer linger in the intricacies of your mind

And it may seem foreign to unknow someone, but I unknow you so well now.

I don’t wake up wishing you were by my side

I said no to your advances in a dream last week;

A first. 

The pieces connecting us for so long 

Finally got misplaced

And I cried old tears.

{Vintage tears from our season of subtleties only true love can appreciate}

But those nuances are not ours now

Other lovers hold what made us special

Our love is back into the ether of others

And that’s the beauty of lust

It’s so ever present and then so fleeting as if to guide us to our real purpose

To help us overcome

To help us dive deep

Into the underworld of our souls 

And through sheer broken ness you learn how to rebuild your heart and your home 

And the mementos of a man make you smile 

But they don’t move you.

You learned how to stop rearranging for others.

Cause the perfect fit to your puzzle was never a man to love you. 

It was perspective;

To accept the imperfectly perfect. 

To hold your own heart 

With abandon and trust

To cultivate an inner inertia stronger than a persons presence.

The other side of broken is perspective; the closest thing to true love you’ll ever find.

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