Pain is Perspectives Best Friend.


I heard this guy in a coffee shop this morning talking with his boss about a girl.

He said he was going to end things, but didn’t want to be honest in fear that he would hurt her feelings.

He mentioned that with holding the truth would protect her emotions.

I had to hold myself from interjecting, but a sinking feeling filled my body.

I wanted to say “to withhold the truth in order to protect someone’s emotions is bullshit. We grow through the highs and the lows of life, not being honest with someone so they avoid the pain of heartbreak is a disservice. Pain is a vehicle, pain is a teacher and overcoming pain will be one of the greatest lessons we learn in life. Life is full of heartache and the cold hard truth is one hell of a catalyst. Experiencing pain provides a perspective to appreciate life’s highs and life’s lows.”

But instead I sipped my coffee & let him create his own pain pathway because learning the hard way is usually what makes you change