I am the finest Egyptian cotton

I buy the cheapest sheets 

To ensure you don’t get too comfortable for the wrong reasons

I am the finest Egyptian cotton.

My skin is the only thread count you need 

I don’t want you to love my things

Belongings loose their shine unless they are constantly upgraded.

I want you to love the cracks in between

Because one day those cracks will make their way to my face

And if the depths are what you loved first

You’ll never stop loving me.

Maybe it’s selfish for me to request you meet my darkness 

But trust me:

Beauty fades; light illuminates shadows if you move in the right direction.

Some say it’s linear, I say it’s lunar.

Find someone who transforms their shadows into the sun; 

with a smile on a Sunday morning.

That will be more than enough for a lifetime.

A smile showing teeth is so much sweeter than your sheets count.

{You’ve spent so much time wishing for a soulmate.

But all along, you were seeking your soul, mate.}