Learn the rules so we can break them, together.

The old doctrine is outdated. 

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

People will tell you it must be done this way, but if you have a better way to do it;

Speak up. 

Or leave

and start your own company.

Canis was developed because the conventional model of self help is based off of evoking shame so that people feel they NEED you. 

You don’t need me, but I will empower you to want change. 

I don’t operate off people’s insecurities. 

My business thrives off helping people cultivate inner peace thru fitness, nutrition and mindfulness through education, consistency and a desire to change.

It’s a group effort.

Canis will give you the tools, but you must be willing to do the work.

Change is not easy. 

Anyone who tells you that just wants your money.

I want your word, your attention and intention to change the world.

That change begins with your openness to shift your internal world.

{Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the journey so far—Canis is celebrating a year of  being a badass female owned and operated wellness company} For more information on how you can work with me check the link in my bio.