A City of Faith


If I could create 

A City of Faith

I’d  break you down 

My heart would be found

Just with the sound

Of a City of Faith 

Compass of mine 

Show me a time 

On the arm of dime

That would make me a believer

In the City of Faith 

I’m looking for a duo of destiny making the rest of me a sinner of fate

Alone at the gate 

My reflection I don’t hate

Cause my compass guides me strong and my mind worked her insides along

The Cosmic North is my leader 

To feed her, the path ain’t linear but it ages gracefully, it’s got lineage and that’s my pledge.

I follow my heart 

To create the art 

Of my creative compass 

Your creative compass

You, I, us, one.


{I wrote this when I was down south and all I could think about was Aretha Franklin singing this in a deep, guttural, and soulful manner. Sometimes I have the slightest idea where my words come from}