Me Too.

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I no longer swallow my words. 

I have clarity and ruminate on lost verbs; running, chasing, hiding my true adjectives; beautiful, brave, deserving that got buried underneath your judgement.

For I changed and filtered, cropped and toned myself for you and what I thought was a "Lo-Fi" on my life, the one I thought would go perfectly on a picture of us. 

But I was spared, cause my spirit cares a whole lot about my fate.

You're full of hate that you don't even realize is eons old and though you want it gone, it's yours to dawn.

Cause anger will linger unless you wrap it up

Wrap it with love and light to dissolve its daggers. 

It takes time, old shit lingers.

{Cause it's not your shadow, it's your old mans darkness and your old man's man's murk.}

That's the thing with hate, it's old and it was taught.

 It's time you come home, to your heart and to your hate because love will dissolve that fate. 

You no longer have to hold that tight, let it go into the light.

Now, I'm not coming back to your heart, I freed myself from your art, but do me a favor and let go of that ancestral anchor, it will free up space for your mind to tinker. 

On life, love and what it means to be alone. I think about you and prayer for you on your own. 

I no longer swallow my words.

I have clarity and it's only fair to me, to speak authentically without your heateries in mine.