It's Cuffing Season

image1 (9).JPG

I tried him on for fits

Cause I need a fall jacket

I was little spoon 

A small sip to see if his body fit mine

As I lay in my head, plotting my departure, I pondered why he couldn't be my warmth for a season

Winter is coming and I'm sure to be cold

But the feelings didn't suffice 

As my best friend put it

"He's like a  North Face with a gray panel and a collar but you're looking for a waterproof Arcteryx"

I said "A Patagonia with breathable armpits, but I'm not picky"

But the latter is a lie because I am picky.

I don't choose who I like.

Sometimes I find the perfect jacket, but I'm not their fall fleece. 

Cause cuffing season is a runway for two. 

It's not always me, sometimes it's you. 

I don't need a fall jacket, 

I'm not trying anymore on, 

I'm sorry for making you my pawn

It's not nice to try you on, wake up at dawn and decide I want a Patagonia with breathable armpits.

But that's what I did, forgive me I'm still a kid. 

The only difference now is I don't want the jacket just cause it's cool, comfort is much more important these days.

{Ode to being warm with love and a good ole fashion breathable winter coat}