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Must be nice to sit in a bed of disconnection 

To do; without consequence

to the feelers you come into contact with.

Oblivion is the disease of division (detachment)

For heeding attention would hold you responsible 

To others sentiment 

But to feel is to hold the weight of the world and more.

And sometimes it's hard to breath.

And a hat and sunglasses is my only medicine.

Cause emotions become manifested in physical malady.

Because the feelers feel it all, 

while you button up your collard shirt, pour yourself coffee, and plug into your wifi weaknesses.

I envy detachment, but I dont envy 

that partition between your heart and your mind 

It will buy you time

But happiness will be hard to find

For you,

I have faith and faith is just as powerful as action, if you believe. 

I trust because that's the only option when you're a feeler. 

You hold the power to be a healer; to heal her.

So kneel here. Feel her. Heal here. 

The reunion of your heart and your mind and you will be mine in time.