We have lust my man. 

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I see it in his eyes, it's a sadness that reels me in.

Maybe I like the walls because then mine don't seem so high.

There is comfort in being surrounded even when you're alone.

Entangled together, but emotionally drone.

Let's not go too deep, cause surface is what we do.

"Good to see you, how you doing?"

Snap me later.

But wait, should I date her?

Questions arise but we disguise the caring for confusion,

and the unknowing to keep us going.

To ask for answers I wont hear until you swallow your fear, is an inevitable broken heart for 2.

I don't dine with destiny, I let fate debate his garbage with god. 

And it may seem fickle to trash talk serendipity but I've put in my time so where's my dime?

Ive intended, to enhance the colors of my heart.

I'm ready.....for a fresh start.

Organic, local.....I mean I want it to come naturally.

I hate to share my love, it comes straight from the essence above 

And it's potent and devoted to healing all things sad

Look at me, I'm your mirror, I can see clearer, can't you? 

Let's skip the tears and grab the fears, by the root of it all. 

We have lust my man. 

And absolutely no plan

It's a recipe for love. 

Your name is my future, nice to see you, 

Aren't you glad to snap me?