I was born into a body with bone cancer. My mother’s leg was amputated above the knee when I was 6 months old. At 8, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4b breast cancer. There is no stage 5. She spent the remainder of my elementary years healing and curing her body with a plant based diet and a host of healing modalities. At her side, I was introduced to alternative therapies, the concept of intuition and the power of belief. I watched her instill hope in others by sharing her miraculous recovery and nutrition teachings with people in poor health. My childhood was a crash course in the power of healing oneself.


I started CANIS to help people get healthy. Through wellness coaching, stress reduction and conscious events I facilitate healing on a cellular level. I help illuminate lives, bring light to their darkest parts and shine for others when they can’t. I help people reconnect to self, to others and the the earth’s infinite energy. I help people energize their body with food, movement, and like minded healthy people in their community.


I have a passion for teaching tools, techniques and habits people can hone to tap into their own healing and power. I am excited to help you envision and attain the best version of yourself physically and mentally. As a former recipe developer for a successful organic meal delivery service in NYC, I embody all things wellness. I attended the National Personal Training Institute, am a Certified Laughing Lotus Yoga Instructor, a graduate of Rollins College with a degree in psychology as well as a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary Health. I chose my studies specifically with a goal in mind; to own and run a successful business that will help optimize the health of this country.  My vast knowledge of health supportive nutrition, mindfulness and fitness enables me to help you with confidence and ease. I am excited to take walk with you along your journey.