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CANIS is a wellness company based in Washington, D.C. We specialize in workouts that invigorate the body and mind. We challenge clients to push their bodies physically to leave them feeling mentally clear. 
Health is a myriad of aspects--your lifestyle, stress levels, nutrition, thoughts, exercise and connection to your emotional state. 
We teach you how to set goals, achieve them and feel better about your body, your mind, and relationship to yourself. 


What people are saying!

At the end of the session, you always feel like you accomplished something, are rejuvenated and feel more at peace and relaxed. She is a very pleasant caring person who really listens to you while making her own keen observations so she can plan your path to Wellness, Strength and Peace. She is also extremely knowledgeable about healthy organic foods and supplement choices for your whole body.
— Risa Bender, Client
Anyone who is looking for a highly knowledgeable, reasonably priced, super fun, and effective personal trainer should give her a call. She approaches personal training with intelligence and purpose and is very aware of safety and tailoring the workout to the person.

Besides the obvious qualifications she just has a delightful, super positive, breath of fresh air aspect to her that makes getting stronger and fitter very enjoyable!
— Nooshen Amiri-Hutton, Personal Training Client
Cammie was a student of mine for 6 rigorous months while she studied anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise program design. She was a hard worker. She was committed to learning more about the field, and she had a great way of relating the information to her fellow students and clients. I knew when I first met her she would make her mark on the fitness field.
— Tim Henriques, Director of National Personal Training Institute

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